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The Inn2POWER Company Directory is your address book to the European Offshore Wind Supply Chain. Explore this website to search the European offshore wind supply chain for partners and customers and browse the Innovation challenges posed to industry to reduce costs in the offshore wind supply chain.

How can the Company Directory help you?

· Your visual address book for the Offshore Wind Energy Sector in Europe

· Showcase your own capabilities to a large international audience

· Search for suppliers, partners and new clients across Europe


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Targeted Business Matchmaking for the European Offshore Wind Supply Chain.

·  Contact our network of membership organizations across Europe and tell us whom your looking to meet!

·  We can give introduction to the right person and help you to collaborate

·  Receive assistance to enter new markets across Europe

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How does the Company Directory works?

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Internationalizing your business with help from Inn2POWER, we support you with our Company Directory.

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