Concepts for Harbour Logistics

Getting offshore wind SMEs involved in developing harbor logistics

Every day, many offshore wind small and medium enterprises (SMEs) work in, from and around harbors in the North Sea Region. However, the level of activity they represent within harbors is not reflected in the impact and influence of these SMEs on offshore logistics.

“Every offshore wind harbor in the North Sea Region is the home base to a supply chain of many SMEs, each with a vast supply of knowledge, know-how and experience. They all have the potential to add industry-changing approaches and ideas – a potential we have yet to harvest”, says Christian Munk Jensen, Project Manager at

The Inn2POWER harbor logistics project aims to change that. By involving more SMEs in creating new plans, workflows, and solutions, the project will contribute ideas and experience from SMEs to harbor logistics.

First, a transnational analysis will identify obstacles in port logistics related to the offshore wind industry. Second, new logistical concepts based on this analysis will be developed, as well as recommendations for more efficient logistics.

“By focusing on involving SMEs more, we can tap into a virtual bank of experience and insight. By paying attention to SMEs’ vast knowledge, we can identify a smarter, leaner and more efficient set-up for harbor logistics”, Christian Munk Jensen affirms.

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