Inn2POWER Mid-term Conference at Hamburg WindEnergy

Event duration: 4h
Venue: Conference Room A4.3 in Hall A4 at Messe Hamburg
We proudly invite you to our Inn2POWER midterm conference...


27th September 2018
Wind Energy Exhibition


11:00–11:30 Launch of Test Facility Market Place                                         
PolyTech Hall B6, B6.182

                The Airbnb for test facilities; Inn2POWER’s web-based marketplace
                brings The Sharing Economy to the test facilities. The marketplace
                will have its official launch at the Wind Energy Hamburg where PolyTech
                and other companies will share how the marketplace will make them
                even more innovative.
                Join us in this first step to make it easier for you to find both the
                one-of-a-kind test facility for your specific need and the one-among-many
                that good enough for your more common needs that you would otherwise
                never have found.
                Please sign up here

12:00–12:30 SME's Access to Test Facilities                                                  
Fraunhofer Hall B6, B6.464
                Dr. Arno van der Wingerde | Fraunhofer IWES & Inn2POWER present
                possibilities for SME's to get access to Test Facilities.


27th September 2018 from 14:00–18:00
Conference Room A4.3 in Hall A4

Welcoming and Introduction to the Project
Nike Fuchs | WAB e.V.

14:30–15:30 Creating the Future: Case study on megatrends in the Offshore Wind Industry
Tim Meyerjürgens | TenneT TSO GmbH · Palle Mørkøre | EASV Denmark

           This workshop will give you food for thoughts regarding the future strategic
           development of your company active in the Offshore Wind Industry:
           •    Overview of traditional and scenario tools
           •    Information about the innovative teaching methods being applied within
                 the Offshore Wind Energy MBA
           •    Briefing on strategy and leadership challenges TenneT is facing by
                 Tim Meyerjürgens (Senior Manager Large Projects Offshore, TenneT TSO GmbH)

15:30–16:30 Supporting the Offshore Wind Supply Chain Internationalize and Grow
across the European North Sea Region
Sarah Niddrie-Webb | Opergy Ltd.          
         In this session you will discover how the Inn2POWER project is supporting SME’s
         and clusters of SME’s to
         1. Publicise their services and capabilites across European markets,
         2. Meet new partners, suppliers and customers, and
         3. Enter new transnational innovative collaborations in the OWI in the NSR.
         Several case studies will illustrate how we could help your company grow.
         Find out how you can get involved and benefit from our tools and support!

16:30–17:00 Offshore ports and SME’s : a challenge for innovation?
Wim Stubbe | Port of Ostend

         SME’s and offshore ports have an interesting role to play in the
         installation and maintenance of the Offshore Wind Industry and
         in the cost reduction of these operations. Considering the fact
         that SME’s and ports can offer some flexibility in a fast changing
         market, it will be important to understand how the ports and SME’s
         can prepare themselves for the future developments of offshore
         wind industry in Europe.

17:00–18:00 Inn2POWER Consultation Office

        Meet us there! For each Inn2POWER topic, there will be contact person,
        answering your questions.

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