We invite you to our upcoming Inn2POWER events to discuss, meet deciders and actively shape the future of the offshore wind industry in the North Sea Region!

Join our B2B Events -free of charge- and meet business partner from all over Europe!


Upcoming Inn2POWER Events

Links to the registration will be updated on a regular basis

14–15 March 2019 B2B Event Groningen

20–21 March 2019 Belgium Offshore Days 2019, Ostend, Belgium

15–16 May 2019 Southern North Sea (SNS) 2019, Norwich, EoE

21–22 May 2019 WINDFORCE 2019, Bremerhaven
November 2019 Offshore B2Match Event (annual OEDK event), Copenhagen
November 2019 Blue Forum Inn2POWER workshop, Belgium


Past Events

21. November 2018: Information Event Offshore Wind Energy MBA, Bremerhaven, Germany

29. November 2018: Greater South East Offshore Wind Energy B2B, Kent, UK

September 2018:  Inn2POWER Midterm Conference at Hamburg WindEnergy

May 2018:          WINDFORCE Conference 2018 and B2B Matchmaking Event in Bremerhaven, Germany

March 2018:       Belgian Offshore Days and B2B Matchmaking Event in Ostend, Belgium

November 2017: Offshore B2B 2017 Event in Esbjerg, Denmark

June 2017:         Inn2POWER Official Launch Event in London, UK