Spotlight on...Opergy Ltd. - Johnathan Reynolds

Opergy helps public and private sector organizations to explore and develop opportunities in the fast-growing energy technology and wider low carbon industries.

Johnathan, thank you for introducing yourself and Opergy today! You are working at Opergy for the Inn2POWER project. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your organization and point out your responsibilities in the Inn2POWER project?

I have been director at Opergy for almost 8 years now! We are a multidisciplinary consulting group supporting innovation, business strategy and developing businesses in the energy and clean tech sectors. Our head office is in Lowestoft – the UKs most easterly town, and we work across the East of England, the UK and Europe.

Opergy work for industry - large and small - to support companies identifying and accessing opportunities in these fast-growing sectors at home and abroad, and for the public sector supporting inward regional investment and growth of the energy and low carbon supply chains in the East of England and across the UK.  

When and how did you get started in the wind industry? What was your personal motivation to get involved when you started and what inspires/encourages you now?

I have always been passionate about the environment and green technology, but I first became involved in the energy sector through helping to create and develop the East of England Energy Group (EEEGR) in 2001 as a regional membership organization for the energy supply chain.

At EEEGR I helped develop and participated in major EU funded projects including POWER (Interreg 3b) supporting regional companies to build relationships and partnerships around the North Sea rim. This project was hugely successful and was succeeded by the PowerCLUSTER project focusing on cluster development and the ‘power of place’ in developing the supply chains of the partner regions.

From EEEGR I moved to the regional development agency, but still working to support cross-border supply chain development initiatives in the energy sector which is of key importance for the region’s economy. With the team I worked to secure investment in the local supply chain and infrastructure including the creation of the flagship innovation hub OrbisEnergy – now a world renowned hub for innovative and forward thinking businesses at the forefront of the Offshore Renewable Energy sector.

Since becoming director at Opergy, our team has continued to support the sector locally through supporting over 165 tenant companies, securing 1100+ jobs in the local supply chain, and helping to secure over £7bn of investment in the region in major projects, buildings and infrastructure.

Seeing this impact in the sector and watching companies and the influence of the local supply chain grow, continues to be a huge motivation for me and I look forward to working with the sector for many years to come.

From your personal point of view, what are the most interesting aspects of the Inn2POWER project?

For me, the most interesting elements of the Inn2POWER project is mapping the regional, national and European supply chain for offshore wind, and brokering relationships between companies seeing new suppliers, partners and customers across the sector. The expertise and capabilities within the European supply chain for offshore wind is truly impressive, and there are great opportunities for innovation to drive cost reduction and improve productivity of the sectors.

Through Inn2POWER we have mapped the large European supply chain in the Inn2POWER Company Directory – an online tool which helps companies identify and meet each other. You can visit it and explore at

The partners are also hosting targeted businesses to business events – these have proven to be hugely successful already in Denmark, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. It has been great to see companies making connections at these events and see them develop practical and long-term partnerships as a result. I look forward to welcoming our European partners and supply chain companies to the UK for the next event this November and continuing this great work.  

Tell us something more about your responsibilities in the project.

Opergy are delighted to be leading one of the three key elements of the project – mapping the supply chain and supporting transitional business opportunities. I find this element particularly interesting.

The project will also focus on improving access to European Test and Demonstration Facilities and Harbour Logistics, particularly for small and medium sized companies, and develop a dedicated MBA program for developing key skills in the offshore wind supply chain across Europe.

What was your favorite moment so far during the Inn2POWER project?

My favourite moment so far was launching the Inn2POWER project officially at Europe’s largest ever industry event – Offshore Wind Energy 2017 in London in June 2017. The event created a real interest in the project and the venue and flagship event welcoming exhibitors and visitors from across Europe was the perfect launchpad for the project.