Spotlight on...Business Academy Southwest - Flemming Østergaard

A good study environment is a priority at Business Academy Southwest, and this is true not only when it comes to our classes, but also when it comes to your spare time. This is why we have the most satisfied students in Denmark – for six years and running...

Flemming, thank you for taking the time!
You are working at Business Academy Southwest (WASV) for the Inn2POWER project. Can you briefly introduce yourself and your company/organization and explain what your responsibilities in the Inn2POWER project?

My name is Flemming Østergaard and I am the Head of the R&D Department at the Business Academy Southwest (EASV). As Head of R&D for a higher education institution in Denmark, I have the overall responsibility for projects that can help us generating new insights and knowledge for the benefit of students, lectures and organizations.

BASW is mainly involved in WP3 (company directory and networking tool) and WP5 (MBA courses relevant for the offshore wind industry)

When and how did you get started in the wind industry? What was your personal motivation to get involved when you started and what inspires/encourages you now?

The Business Academy is geographically situated in region where ‘energy’ and especially offshore wind energy is a major part of the business environment and eco-system. Many of our students will naturally seek and get jobs in the sector or adjacent industries and we collaborate with numerous companies within the sector. Given this, it is necessary for us being involved in the industry.

From your personal point of view, what are the most interesting aspects of the Inn2POWER project?

There are several interesting aspects. Especially the fact that we can help creating relevant insights and tools that can help connecting offshore wind businesses in the North Sea region. In addition, we are helping developing a new and innovative MBA program for wind energy management.

Tell us something more about your responsibilities in the project.

As mentioned above our main tasks are within company directory & networking tool. Generally, it is an online company search engine where you find the right competences and partners for transnational projects. This is driven by including as many relevant SME’s in an online directory and through a detailed questionnaire understand their competences and where they are placed in the offshore wind value chain. By using IT competences, the data is transformed and included in to an online CRM-like system that participants can use to find relevant partners within the sector.  

As for the MBA program for wind energy management we are helping in the creation of relevant themes and content for the modules in close collaboration with sector companies as well as informing the sector of the advantages of this particular MBA course tailor-made for the offshore wind sector.

What was your favourite moment so far during the Inn2POWER project?

There are several, but especially being able to welcome the first MBA students to start at the first MBA offshore wind management module in January 2019.


Flemming, thank you for these insights and your work!