Spotlight on... Hochschule Bremerhaven – Anne Magritz and Wolfgang Lukas

At Hochschule Bremerhaven (University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven) about 3.200 students from 66 nations study in Bachelor and Master courses. They have close cooperation with the industry in the field of research, internships and degree theses. Anne Magritz and Professor Wolfgang Lukas introduce themselves and give some details about their work in Work Package 5 of the Inn2POWER project.



Anne, Wolfgang, thank you for very much for taking the time. Would you please introduce yourselves and tell us something about your work in the Inn2POWER project?

Anne: I am a business psychologist and work as a research associate in the Inn2POWER project at University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven. In the project I mainly work on developing the Offshore Wind Energy MBA courses, but also spend some time on developing communication tools that help SMEs to recruit new employees.  I do research about existing further education programmes, establish the economical and organizational background of the future courses, take care of marketing activities regarding the MBA and advise research groups regarding recruiting activities of SMEs. 

Wolfgang: I am Professor for Management at Hochschule Bremerhaven since 2000, before I spent nearly 10 years in different managerial positions in industry. In our University I am responsible for this project. Anne and I work cooperatively on the same issues, which are linked to my other obligations in the University and contribute to the development of the University as well.

Why are you interested in the wind industry? 

Wolfgang: As the structure of Hochschule Bremerhaven follows the strategic economic clusters of the region Inn2POWER is an ideal project to integrate research, transfer and teaching. Wind industry plays an important role in the region, so I can transfer my research activities to my teaching activities and can give students the opportunity to conduct projects within the frame of Inn2POWER.

Anne: I am quite new to the wind industry, but I have always been interested in green energy. Being now able to contribute to the innovation capacity of SMEs in the offshore wind industry is therefore a great and interesting opportunity for me and gives me the feeling of having a positive impact on climate change.

What are the most interesting aspects of the Inn2POWER project for you personally?

Anne: For me, it is very interesting that SMEs get the opportunity to find new cooperation partners in other countries, and also that they can contribute to the development of a new offer in further education – they can be a part of designing the content they really need, what a great opportunity!

Wolfgang: I mostly enjoy the cooperation with project members who work in quite different jobs. This enables project activities which would not work just with people from Universities, but of course the collaboration with scientific colleagues in the project is as well very inspiring.

What was your favourite moment so far during the Inn2POWER project?

Anne: I really enjoyed the B2B event in Esbjerg last November, because I got the opportunity to speak to a lot of companies about the challenges they are facing right now and learned so much about the different areas of the industry. Also it was the first time for me to meet the other project members in person which was really great.

Wolfgang: I agree, we had a great few days in Denmark. I mostly enjoy the intense meetings with foreign colleagues in the work packages in which we are involved. You really feel how different perspectives create something new and push topics forward.


Anne and Wolfgang, thank you very much!