Increasing the visibility of Offshore Wind Energy

The development of offshore wind strongly relies on ongoing political and public support and resulting stable framework conditions, especially as it has not yet reached grid parity. However, the offshore wind industry does not find support among all relevant stakeholders. The acceptance of offshore wind suffers from misconceptions about its values and costs. This can have serious consequences because uncertain or decreasing support results in the drawback of investors and hinders the development of economies of scale – with significant impact on offshore wind companies in the North Sea Region throughout the value chain, and on their employees.

The regions represented in Inn2POWER are dealing with comparable problems regarding public perception of the offshore wind industry. They all have to deal with the fact that the industry is hardly visible to the public because its activities take place offshore and in harbours.

Inn2POWER aims at increasing the visibility of offshore wind energy and the industry behind it for relevant stakeholders and the general public in the North Sea Region. All Inn2POWER partners will intensify their efforts to communicate the true value of offshore wind for individual regions and the North Sea Region on the whole. It will be part of Inn2POWER to develop the prerequisites for focused communication activities in offshore wind regions, pursuing an intelligent strategy. Communication activities will be aligned transnationally through shared messages and a joint framework.

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