Access to test facilities

Better access to test facilities for offshore wind SMEs

The Inn2POWER project is providing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and sub-contractors in the offshore wind industry with easier access to international test facilities.

“The opportunity to substantiate how a product will work in practice is key to taking the next step and going to market with a proper solution", says Mikkel Juul, Head of Internationalization, “With the Inn2POWER project, the SMEs in the North Sea Region get an easier access to testing, which is often the crucial element prior to new technical breakthroughs”, he says.

Full-scale testing for the offshore wind industry is costly. Hence testing is a major hurdle for small and medium-sized enterprises. However, there are excellent test facilities available in the offshore wind clusters of the North Sea Region, with logistics and infrastructure tailor-made for the purpose. Giving SMEs improved access to those facilities at a reasonable expense could prove very important.

“Many SMEs work out innovative solutions and have ground-breaking ideas. When more SMEs get access to test facilities, the ingenuity, skills, visions and ideas within SMEs get closer to impacting the entire industry”, Mikkel Juul asserts.

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