What is Inn2POWER about?

The leading offshore wind clusters of the North Sea Region have joined forces to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in engaging in innovative cross-border collaboration and business opportunities.

The offshore wind industry (OWI) is an important driver of economic development in the North Sea Region (NSR) but is challenged by the need for further cost reductions, continuous innovation, and improved acceptance of the industry.

In order to secure growth in the OWI around the North Sea Region, (SMEs need to play a key role in tackling those challenges. SMEs represent a high percentage of the industry and can be highly innovative, offering unique capabilities based on their specialised skills, drive, and flexibility.

Inn2POWER offers targeted support measures to SMEs and supports collaboration at the regional, sectoral, and transnational levels. Inn2POWER thus helps SMEs overcome possible structural disadvantages and realise their full innovation potential.

What we want to achieve

Within Inn2POWER, the offshore wind clusters of the North Sea Region work together on the shared goal of connecting offshore wind businesses in the region to encourage creative business collaboration and pave the way for fresh innovations in the offshore wind sector.

More specifically, Inn2POWER aims for:

  • strengthening North Sea Region offshore wind clusters;
  • supporting SMEs to collaborate and enter new markets;
  • developing innovative concepts for port and harbour logistics;
  • facilitating access to test and demonstration facilities;
  • improving the skills and availability of personnel.

Benefits to companies in the offshore wind industry

Support in developing innovative transnational business and collaboration among SMEs

  • Online company search engine to find the right competences and partners for innovative transnational projects
  • Themed and targeted transnational B2B meetings to meet cooperation partners from the UK, Germany, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands

Improved access to supporting infrastructur

  • Mapping of European test infrastructure and concepts for improving SME access to test facilities
  • Recommendations for cost-efficient cooperation opportunities in harbours and shared logistics facilities

Ensuring the presence of a workforce with the right skills

  • Developing an innovative European MBA degree programme on wind energy management,   tailored to the needs of employees in SMEs 
  • Supporting SMEs with improved staff recruitment
  • Educational packages for schools to increase knowledge of and interest in offshore wind as a potential career Option

Securing acceptance and support

  • Communicating the benefits and achievements of the European offshore wind sector to different target groups and business Partners

The Inn2POWER Consortium

The Inn2POWER project is implemented by a consortium of eleven partners representing the North Sea Region’s leading offshore wind clusters in Denmark, East of England, Northwest Germany, West Flanders/Belgium and the Netherlands:

•    POM West Flanders, Belgium (Inn2POWER coordinator)
•    Autonomous Municipal Enterprise Port of Oostende, Belgium
•    Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences, Germany
•    Kent County Council, United Kingdom
•    National Innovation Center/ Business Academy Southwest, Denmark
•    WAB e.V. (Wind Energy Agency), Germany
•    Offshoreenergy.dk (formerly Offshore Center Danmark), Denmark
•    Opergy Ltd. – Orbis Energy, United Kingdom
•    Province of Groningen, Netherlands
•    Flanders’ Maritime Cluster, Belgium
•    NOM Investment and Development Agency for the Northern Netherlands

Project Duration 

October 2016 – October 2020


Inn2POWER is co-financed by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund –
Interreg North Sea Region Programme

Further information