Inn2POWER targets companies in the North Sea Region’s offshore wind industry. Although the project’s general focus is on supporting small and medium-sized companies, large companies are more than welcome to participate and benefit as well.


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  • to place your offshore wind company or testing facility on the supply chain map,
  • to showcase your company’s capabilities and attract potential partners across the North Sea Region.

Show up at our international and targeted B2B networking events and site visits

  • to meet the industry partners you are looking for in the entire North Sea region.
  • to learn about interesting test facilities in partner clusters and find out what they can offer to SMEs.

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Preregister for OWEMBA
, the European Offshore Wind Energy MBA, tailored to qualify staff in wind energy companies

  • to learn about management skills in a European environment and boost professional development, and/or help people make a career change by qualifying them for jobs in the wind energy industry - courses begin in spring 2018,  
  • to complete either a full MBA programme or single learning modules which can be combined for acquiring the Wind Energy Management Certificate,
  • to suggest your company’s specific needs for employee training/education and influence the design of learning modules adapted for these needs.

Contact Inn2POWER partners
in your region 

  • to share your collaboration needs and innovative project ideas,
  • to get support and connect with the right project partners,
  • to find out about other test facilities and create networks (with other companies and institutions with test facilities and related services).

Visit our website

  • to learn more about the project, its activities, and current developments,
  • to download project results once they are ready for distribution, such as
    • communications material aiming to broaden the acceptance of Europe’s offshore wind industry,
    • recommendations for cost-efficient cooperation options and logistics facilities that can be shared in harbours,
    • guidelines for SMEs on staff recruitment,
    • educational packages for schools to increase knowledge of and interest in the offshore wind industry for career opportunities.