Attracting the future workforce

Inn2POWER educational packages inform young people about careers in offshore wind

The offshore wind industry (OWI) is an expanding industry offering a wide range of new job opportunities to younger members of the workforce as well as attractive new perspectives for living near the coast, where most activities for installing and maintaining offshore wind farms take place.

The Inn2POWER project aims to have a positive impact on opportunities for youth. We will specifically target young people by informing and preparing them for careers in the OWI. Anticipating the growing need for the workforce to have the right technical qualifications, Inn2POWER partners will develop special educational “packages” for children to show them how attractive a career in the offshore wind sector can be, aiming to be of interest to children aged 10 to 12 and teenagers aged 16 to 18. These packages will be developed and tested at schools participating in the project.

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