Webinar 29 June 2021

The 29th June Strathclyde one of the project partners Professor Joe Clarke from Strathclyde University (Energy Systems Research Unit, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering) hosted this webinar about 'INDU-ZERO products and building archetype'. 

The webinar describes the procedure employed within the INDU-ZERO project to confirm the efficacy of a proposed estate upgrade prior to deployment. The procedure comprises 6 steps:

  1. the selection of representative dwellings from the targeted estate;
  2. the creation of high resolution models for each dwelling based on data from a variety of sources;
  3. the incorporation of proposed upgrades within these models;
  4. the subjecting of models to realistic simulations;
  5. the assessment of outcomes against performance acceptability criteria;
  6. and the implementation of upgrade package adjustments where required.

The results from application of the procedure to archetype dwellings under weather conditions typical of Amsterdam, Glasgow and Oslo weather conditions were reported along with a description of a cloud-based platform that automatically applies the procedure to uploaded models.

Given the degree of completeness of the high resolution models, it is possible to extract model parts in various digital formats as the essential inputs to machine programming in support of the INDU-Zero smart factory concept. This feature will be described in relation to the upgrade panels developed within the project.

You can watch the replay of the webinar or have a look at the presentation.