Q&A session 16 May 2022 (11:00-12:00 CET)

Design and development of the INDU-ZERO Smart Renovation Factory Blueprint

A smart factory Blueprint has been created to ensure the renovation package can be manufactured and customized for most of the existing homes in the North Sea Region. For different houses, it is intended to capture and measure the critical dimensional information to help to reduce the lead time for design and approval. Renovation packages will be generated and manufactured within the INDU-ZERO Smart factory using these designs and datums from the 3D models to ensure a perfect fit during the installation phase.

The Blueprint introduces the machinery and uses simulation to ensure that the annual target of 15,000 renovation packages can be met. Other aspects considered during the Blueprint development are overall equipment effectiveness and Smart Factory Cost Modeling and estimation.

During the Q&A session the Strathclyde University team gave insight about the process steps, the production facilities as well as the workflow from the house data capture to the manufacturing processes of the INDU-ZERO smart factory.

You can watch the replay of the Q&A session that took place on 16 May 2022: