How INDU-ZERO makes sure that we can renovate 22 million houses in the North Sea Region towards energy neutral.

Because of the Climate agreements housing associations are facing huge challenges in the coming years to make their housing stock sustainable before 2050. Current solutions are far too expensive and cannot accommodate the capacity to improve all homes in time.

The Interreg North Sea Region offers the solution to these challenges, it is called: INDU-ZERO. The INDU-ZERO project, which is also funded by the European Union, is a collaboration of 6 countries (the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Norway) with local authorities, educational institutions and industry. INDU-ZERO aims to design a blueprint for a factory which can produce the renovation packages at half the cost and can boost the capacity to 15,000 packages per year.

We are keeping you updated about the project by hosting webinars and Q&A sessions. You can also watch the replays of the webinars that already took place.