First impression Smart Renovation Factory

The first impression of the INDU-ZERO factory is ready! This video gives an idea of the Smart Renovation Factory with the necessity of the project, the ambition of the factory, the factory lay-out, the production process and an impression of the renovations. Even though it is just the first design, it already gives a good insight of the automation and size of the factory.​

Interreg Podcast

Led by Interact, the transnational Interreg programmes are jointly producing a podcast series entitled "This Is Europe". Each episode offers engaging peronal stories about cooperation in Interreg projects across Europe, showcasing why and how much they matter to local communities while helping to implement vital European policies. 

The first episode zooms in on how Interreg helps Europe to become greener and meet its climate targets. It presents three stories, including INDU-ZERO. The interview about INDU-ZERO starts at 20:20 of the Podcast


Animated story

You can also follow the project on our YouTube channel. Or watch the animation about what the project is all about:


Interview Rutger Vrielink (Domijn, Dutch housing corporation)

Making houses more sustainable is moving too slow, and the costs are too high. According to housing corporation Domijn in Twente, the Netherlands. The organization therefore participates in the European INDU-ZERO project, with parties from different European countries. The project wants to make a blueprint for a factory that can produce renovation packages on a large scale.

Watch the interview with Rutger Vrielink here: