To demonstrate what the renovation packages consist of and to know what it feels like to live in a renovated house, three houses were renovated within the project. Project partner housing corporation Domijn provided a social rental property consisting of three single-family homes that were built in the sixties and seventies, an end house and two intermediate dwellings. One of the showcase houses can be visited, two of them are inhabited. The showcase location was officially opened on the 12th of November 2021, in the presence of deputy Tijs de Bree of the Province of Overijssel and the alderman of the municipality of Enschede Jeroen Diepemaat.

The production of the showcase
Videos have been made of both the production of the innovative ‘jacket’ and the assembly at the location.

In the coming year housing corporation Domijn will monitor the effects of the showcase together with Saxion University of Applied Sciences on the technology, installations, energy consumption, comfort, health and resident satisfaction.

Visit the showcase
The showcase home in Enschede (the Netherlands) provides a good impression of what is already possible in the field of renovation. It also shows what is needed to speed up the necessary renovations at a lower price. You can visit the showcase during one of the open houses: 

- Friday 14 January 2021
- Friday 11 February 2021

You need to sign up in advance to be admitted to the showcase!

Please send an e-mail to, you will then receive a time slot during which you are welcome at the showcase location. You will also receive the address of the showcase. 

The available time slots (both on 14 January and 11 February):

- 09:30-10:30
- 10:30-11:30
- 11:30-12:30
- 13:00-14:00

Please note that the COVID rules that are applicable at the moment of your visit will be respected. This also includes a QR-code check before entering the showcase.

More information
For more information about the showcase you can contact Ulla-Britt Krämer, project manager Province of Overijssel: / +31 6 21123718