INDU-ZERO Showcase

Article January 2021



Preparations are being made to install several INDU-ZERO renovation packages in a number of houses this summer/autumn. Housing corporation Domijn together with RC panels and Buro de Haan in the Netherlands are transforming three terraced houses into a showcase. Different installation packages will be installed by Comfort Partners in all three houses. One of the houses will not be inhabited, but open to visitors. In this so called INDU-ZERO house  you can see, feel and experience the renovation yourself. This way the performance and experience of each possibility can be measured in an inhabited and uninhabited state.  

Interested parties
The showcase houses are interesting for varied parties interested in the renovation products and the outcome of the INDU-ZERO project. The information is also beneficial for national and regional authorities: could INDU-ZERO be a possible solution for parties in your country or region, is building a factory an option in your country or region?

Join us?
Housing corporations, potential investors, DMU’s (decision making units) and construction companies will find lots of information about our response to the sustainable challenges we are facing. We are looking for other housing corporations who embrace the idea of being an innovator or early adopter as launching customers give the confidence to actually build the factories. We also invite investors and construction companies to come and have a look in the INDU-ZERO house. This could be the starting point for actually building a factory for renovation packages with the help of the INDU-ZERO Blueprint.

So please be patient for a few more months. Meanwhile we will keep you updated.

Contribution: Geertje Verschuren and Pascal ten Berge, housing corporation Domijn, the Netherlands