Financial Models

Article March 2019


Innovative solutions

As a housing corporation, we are faced with an enormous task to make all existing social housing CO2 neutral before 2050. This won’t be possible at the current rate and at the current investment rates. Domijn simply does not have the resources to finance the renovation costs. That is why we are looking for innovative solutions to speed up sustainability and make it affordable. 

We have every interest in investing in sustainable developments. After all, we are striving for good and affordable housing for our tenants. Reducing energy costs is also an important motivator. Currently there is no balance between the investments and the increase in the value of houses after renovation. As a housing corporation we can set an example.

INDU-ZERO can make an enormous contribution to innovation in the construction industry and therefore better and sustainable renovation solutions, against significantly lower investments in the medium and long term. Domijn's role in the INDU-ZERO project is to provide input for the performances and properties that renovation packages must meet, facilitate showcases (renovation in practice) and assess the prototypes. In addition, we will be ambassadors of this way of looking for innovative industrialized solutions. We would like to discuss this with other housing corporations, so together we can make the necessary steps in making the building industry more sustainable.

Contribution: Sophie Oosterbroek, Domijn (housing corporation in the Netherlands)