Test homes for renovation packages in six countries

11 November 2019 - Published by Ulla-Britt Krämer

INDU-ZERO is working on the criteria and requirements that the renovation packages must meet. And naturally they also have to be tested. For this purpose test homes are selected in the six participating countries. In the Netherlands the first so-called showcases should be completed at the end of 2020. It is intended that in 2020 and 2021 test dwellings are also designated in Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Norway. The results of the tests will be incorporated into the prototype of the renovation package and are also decisive for the design of the factories.

Sustainability and lower residential expenses
At the moment housing corporation Domijn is preparing for the showcases in the Netherlands. Pascal ten Berge, project partner and senior project manager: "Domijn is the only Dutch housing corporation participating in the project. By doing so we want to contribute to a more sustainable world and keep the living expenses for our tenants as low as possible. For the showcase we are going to select three single-family homes that were built in the sixties and seventies, an end house and two intermediate dwellings. Of course we have to make good arrangements with the residents. In addition, we are talking to the municipality to facilitate the licensing procedure. We have to deal with all sorts of rules and procedures such as criteria for buildings and asbestos issues if applicant. "

Advanced insights
During the project we continually have to take into account new developments and advanced insights. Pascal: "In the Netherlands we are currently dealing with new nitrogen standards and noise requirements for heat pumps. In addition, the developments of used materials and installations in the renovation packages also keep changing. It is important that we always use the latest insights and strictest demands so that we can eventually build factories that meet all standards. "

Face challenges together
According to Pascal, an affordable end product is one of the most important success factors: "Considering the scale that we are dealing with and the rising construction costs, standardization is inevitable. This can only be realized if we face the challenges together and we are willing to invest. The costs for the renovation packages can be lowered and we will be able to renovate 22 million houses towards energy neutral in an innovative way. In order to do so we have to think outside the box. In the end we all have to work with fixed budgets and the renovation packages have to be produced within those given frameworks. This is the common goal of the project."

Note: costs showcases
As the first INDU-ZERO factory has not been built yet, the INDU-ZERO showcases need to be produced with current factories. That means that the costs for showcases will match current market prices. 

Fifteen Partners in the Interreg North Sea Region (NSR) cooperate in the INDU-ZERO project. The objective of INDU-ZERO is to ensure that houses in the NSR countries will meet the targets of the Climate Agreement of Paris by making them sustainable and energy neutral. In order to do that INDU-ZERO is developing a blueprint for a smart factory that can take renovation packages in mass production and enables a reasonable price for investors and housing corporations.

Testing renovation packages on showcase houses