Standard renovation packages as a sustainability accelerator

26 September 2019 - Published by Ulla-Britt Krämer

The ambitions for the European and local climate goals are high: 39% less CO2 emissions in 2030, 95% less in 2050. Meanwhile the clock is ticking. There are many initiatives and solutions that are working on innovative ways of saving energy and tapping into new energy sources. One of these solutions is an insulating coat that can be placed over houses. This is done with a renovation package that includes energy saving technology. After the renovation, the house is well insulated, can generate its own energy and (re)use it optimally. However, the production of the current renovation packages is very expensive and the pace at which they are presently produced is low. INDU-ZERO can change this process.

Double the number for half the price
INDU-ZERO is a European project that runs until 2021 in six countries in the North Sea Region (NSR). It aims to provide a blueprint for a Smart Factory that can automate the production of the Net Zero Energy building renovation (NZEBR) packages. This way the packages can be taken into mass production for half of the costs. The current price of € 80,000,- per package can be reduced to € 40,000,-. In the Netherlands we aim to have the first factory ready by 2022. The factories can then also be built in other countries: for example Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway and Sweden who are now participating in the project. In 2050 the factories should be able to produce millions of sustainable renovation packages.

Housing corporations as a partner
In the European countries housing corporations own millions of rental properties which make them an important partner and a large target group for buying the NZEBR packages. It is expected that from 2022 houses can be renovated with the renovation packages that the INDU-ZERO factory produces: 15,000 per year per factory.

Government as a facilitator
To ensure that the large-scale renovation process runs smoothly, the role of the government as a facilitator is crucial. The municipalities, provinces and central government can ensure that the necessary regulations for the renovation process of the houses are in order. For example with regard to permits, subsidies, zoning plans, fire safety and the role of welfare committees. The government can also be a driver for making the existing housing stock more sustainable. We invite municipalities, provinces and the central government to think about this and prepare for it.

A substantial reduction in CO2 emissions will be achieved with the mass production of the NZEBR packages. This makes INDU-ZERO an indispensable sustainability accelerator for housing corporations and governments.

You can download the factsheet here