Overview of housing market North Sea Region

23 September 2020 - Published by Ulla-Britt Krämer

Commissioned by the Province of Overijssel (the Netherlands) an analysis was done to identify the housing market in the North Sea Region. This analysis is required to understand which associations and organisations could be potentially interested in the INDU-ZERO solution. By publicizing the results the data can also be used by other organisations operating in the field of sustainable housing.

The focus of the report is on social or affordable housing, since it would be more feasible to carry out large-scale renovations in this sector, than in the private sector. It provides an overview of the way social or affordable housing are organised in the different countries of the North Sea Region. The questions it attemps to answer are as follows:

  • How is social, public or cooperative housing organised in the various countries of the North Sea Region?
  • Which umbrella organisation represents the social, public or cooperative housing associations?  
  • What share of the housing market is owned by these associations?
  • What is known about the energy efficiency of the social, public or cooperative housing stock?
  • What are the characterics of the housing stock in this sector?
  • What efforts are currently being made to make this stock more energy efficient?

The report should contribute to a better understanding of the social housing market and energy efficiency in the different countries of the North Sea Region. Its goal is not to offer an in-depth analysis of each particular country, but rather to provide a concise overview. This should help INDU-ZERO to reach out to the relevant organisations in these countries and develop a communication strategy. The report is the result of desk research. Information provided by Housing Europe has been the starting point of the study. Information about the particular countries was mostly publicly available through the websites of the umbrella organisations or national statistics bureaus, or in some cases specifically provided by these organisations upon request.

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