Another impulse for sustainable home renovations

04 March 2020 - Published by Ulla-Britt Krämer

Between 2018 and 2021 the NSR (North Sea Region) Interreg project INDU-ZERO is working on the design of a smart factory together with project partners from six European countries. The factory can be built in Europe starting from 2021 and will be able to manufacture in mass production 15.000 renovation packages for existing homes a year. The renovations of the homes are needed to enable the energy transition set in the climate-goals of Paris and the Green Deal.

Future Factory
Demonstrating that sustainability is high on the political agenda in the Netherlands a grant of 14 million euros was recently awarded by the Dutch government to another consortium: Future Factory. Future Factory is a collaboration between Dutch companies and knowledge institutions who together with customer groups and suppliers form a consortium of 29 parties. Together they work on the development of a so-called Future Factory that will allow homes and residential buildings to be preserved on a large scale (25.000 homes per year from 2025 onwards) with different renovation solutions. At the same time, work is being done on system innovation throughout the chain, generations of products and production and an innovative sales channel.

Similarities and differences
INDU-ZERO and Future Factory are both working on innovative product- and process developments with the aim of making the renovation packages accessible to a larger market than is currently the case. Where INDU-ZERO has a European character, Future Factory focuses on the Netherlands. The developed blueprint of the INDU-ZERO plant can be applied in the six participating countries (the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden and Norway) and beyond. The blueprint and showcases in the various countries show that industrialization is possible and what the benefits are. It paves the way for Future Factory, which can take advantage of the analyses already carried out in the INDU-ZERO project. Some of the parties are in both projects, so knowledge exchange is possible and 'on the job' secured. However, Future Factory continues longer and goes further in innovation than is possible within the INDU-ZERO context. Both projects focus on the possibilities for social- and private housing.