In the media

The INDU-ZERO word keeps spreading which leads to reporting in the media. Here are some of the publications: 



Interview with two of the project members: dr. Kerstin Lange and Bennet Zander (Jade Hochschule).
Entrepeneur Professional information about building materials and techniques in construction. writes and translates texts on construction and architecture and regularly organizes seminars and events related to construction and architecture.

CHARM partner Kamp C
will showcase an affordable renovation package for houses in Flanders 
Kamp C Press release about Kamp C functioning as one of the INDU-ZERO showcases. Camp C becomes Flemish showcase of affordable renovation packages for housing
Tubantia Article in local paper (Eastern part of the Netherlands) Tubantia about the 12,5 million that the province of Overijssel is investing in sustainable homes and renewable energy.  12,5 million for sustainable homes and natural gas-free neighbourhoods in Twente 
New Energy Overijssel the Province of Overijssel (Netherlands) approved an investment proposal of the New Energy Overijssel programme. New Energy Overijssel 2017-2023 connects and strengthens partners and initiatives that contribute to the energy transition in Overijssel.

Extra budget energy transition good for economy and jobs in Overijssel 

NRC INDU-ZERO is mentioned in Dutch national newspaper NRC. The article is about Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte pleading for a decrease of national contributions to the EU. 

Rutte, don't forget about the Dutch provinces at EU-meeting

Kamp C Article about the first design of the product-, logistic- and factory blueprint (in Dutch). 

First design of INDU-ZERO blueprint is ready

Aedes  Interview with Rutger Vrielink, manager strategy and innovation at Domijn (Dutch housing association) about how to reduce the costs for sustainable renovations.

Large-scale approach makes CO2-neutral homes affordable

Cobouw  Interview with Ulla-Britt Krämer about the kind of factories that are needed to produce renovation packages in mass production.

Energy neutral from the factory

PREFAB INDU-ZERO was one of the partners of PREFAB, the most up to date and complete fair in the field of pre-manufacturing within the civil and utility building. This article explains why. 

Sustainable coat for millions of houses

Pioneering  Publication about how the INDU-ZERO project was initiated. 

From the Pioneering breeding ground to a European project


Publication about the challenges that housing associations are facing to accelerate renovations and meet the European climate goals on time.  INDU-ZERO works towards sustainable housing in the North Sea Region