Here you can follow our workshops and conferences developing INDU-ZERO. We hope to meet you there!



7 Oct

INDU-ZERO end event (online/live), Zwolle, the Netherlands

12 May

Lecture at TU Delft Urban Energy Institute




15 Dec. 

CPIC (professional organization for civil engineering) webinar, Argentina

2-4 Nov.

Beyond 2020 webinar, Gothenburg, Sweden

15 Oct.

European Weeks of Cities and Regions, EURegionstalk, Brussels, Belgium

27 Aug.

INDU-ZERO webinar: product & architecture design

5 March

Net Zero Now event, Energiesprong Germany, Berlin

3 March

SPRYG Real Estate Academy




12 Dec.    

Knowledge session Pioneering, Nijverdal, The Netherlands

3 Dec.

Bouwpoort meeting, The Hague, the Netherlands

8 Nov. 

Construction 2020 working group meeting thematic group 1 (Stimulating investment in building renovation, infrastructure and innovation), Brussels, Belgium

8-10 Oct.

Prefab, Den Bosch, the Netherlands
11-14 Sept.  Sustainable Built Environment D-A-CH Conference, Graz, Austria                               
2-4 July Central Europe Sustainable Building Meeting, Prague, Czech Republic
4-8 June  International Social Housing Festival, Lyon, France
19 March  Pixii Expert Day, Gent, Belgium 
8 March  TKI Urban Energy meeting, Utrecht, the Netherlands