Official launch of the Blueprint

07 October 2021 - Published by Ulla-Britt Krämer

During the INDU-ZERO end event 'Ready for the next step' the Blueprint was officially handed over to Interreg North Sea Region, the initiator of the project. It provides the various interested parties with a realistic starting point for actually building the factories. 

Blueprint content
In the Blueprint all the necessary information can be found as a starting point for governments, housing corporations, industry and potential investors who want to play a role in actually building the first Smart Renovation Factory. During the project all the preliminary work has been done regarding the development of the logistics, the products, the production, the factory layout and the on-site assembly.

Depending on your level of interest you can read generic information in the public version which was launched today. The coming months you will be able to require a free of charge personal code to review more in depth technical details. 

Business case
In order to be able to build the Smart Renovation Factories, the market potential must be demonstrated. This is why the Blueprint also includes a business case which investigates various relevant topics.

Who needs the Blueprint?
There are four main target groups that can benefit from the Blueprint:

  • Housing corporations and large home owners who need a sustainable housing stock by 2050.
  • Industries and suppliers who want to play a role in the energy transition and the renewing of the construction sector.
  • Investors who want to play a role in creating a new economy.
  • Local, regional and European governments who have committed to climate targets and want to play a progressive role in facilitating the renovations and by doing so reducing the CO2 emission-

You can have a look at the public version of the Blueprint by using this link.