Letter of intent signed by 14 parties

07 October 2021 - Published by Ulla-Britt Krämer

During the INDU-ZERO event 'Ready for the next step' on 7 October 2021 14 parties have signed a letter of intent to become part of the solution. Because now is the time for governments, housing corporations, industry and investors to pick up the Blueprint and take the next steps towards building the first Smart Renovation Factory. 

INDU-ZERO calls upon more parties to sign this letter of intent to contribute to the European Renovation Wave. 

Together we can work on a plan of action to build the first Smart Renovation Factory using the public version of the Blueprint as a starting point. 

Depending on your level of interest you can read generic information in the public version which was launched today. The coming months you will be able to require a free of charge personal code to review more in depth technical details.