INDU-ZERO showcase boost for renovation wave in Europe

12 November 2021 - Published by Ulla-Britt Krämer

The climate is changing noticeably. To stop this, many changes must be made the coming years, also in the housing stock. This is where two major social issues meet. How do you ensure that housing is more sustainable without putting the affordability and availability of homes under pressure?

Since 2018 a European consortium consisting of companies, knowledge institutions, and local authorities, called INDU-ZERO, have worked on the development of a blueprint for a Smart Renovation Factory to produce large-scale and industrial renovation packages for existing houses. This high-tech factory will be able to produce renovation packages for 15,000 houses per year. For half of the current price!

The renovation packages contain various components that are needed to make houses more sustainable, such as insulation material for façades and roofs, heat pumps, solar panels, energy converters and ventilation systems. Those components will be put together as efficient and circular as possible. After the renovation the houses will be energy neutral. This is an important step in scaling up renovations in Europe.

The INDU-ZERO showcase makes this solution tangible

What does a renovation package consist of and how comfortable is a renovated house to live in? To demonstrate this a social rental property of housing corporation Domijn in Enschede has been given the innovative INDU-ZERO ‘jacket’. Videos have been made of both the production of the innovative ‘jacket’ and the assembly at the location.


In the presence of deputy Tijs de Bree of the Province of Overijssel and the alderman of the municipality of Enschede Jeroen Diepemaat, the showcase was opened on the 12th of November 2021. The opening ceremony was done by tw neighbourhood children who live in one of the showcase houses with their parents. It is, after all, our task to guarantee the climate objectives for future generations.  

With its concepts, INDU-ZERO contributes to a better world with a sustainable, scalable and affordable solution for home renovations. In the coming year housing corporation Domijn will monitor the effects of the showcase together with Saxion University of Applied Sciences on the technology, installations, energy consumption, comfort, health and resident satisfaction. From the beginning of 2022 several dates for open houses will be announced for housing corporations, developers, public authorities, potential investors and smart-industry companies who are interested in visiting the showcase.

More information

For more information about the showcase you can contact Ulla-Britt Krämer, project manager Province of Overijssel: / +31 6 21123718