Extended version Blueprint now available

21 April 2022 - Published by Ulla-Britt Krämer

Good news: the extended version of the Blueprint is now available. In this Blueprint all the necessary information can be found regarding the development of a smart renovation factory: the logistics, products, production, factory layout and the on-site assembly. The additional information and in depth technical details can be used as a starting point for governments, housing corporations, industry and potential investors who want to play a role in actually building the first smart renovation factory that can mass produce renovation packages for existing houses for half of the current prize. Because now, with the delivery of this final product of the INDU-ZERO project, it is up to the market to bring the development of smart renovation factories in the North Sea Region to the next level!

The public Blueprint was already available, the extra information for dealmeakers in this extended version can be found in the orange blocks at the end of the pages. Note that you have to register to get access to the extended Blueprint.