Standardized approach
Europe faces a huge challenge in achieving the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and the European Green Deal. Renovating outdated houses is part of this challenge. In the North Sea Region 22 million houses, that are suitable for the INDU-ZERO approach, need to be renovated in order to meet the climate targets.

There are already numerous initiatives working towards this goal, but the current pace of renovations is too low and the costs are too high. This is why we need the INDU-ZERO approach to speed up renovations! INDU-ZERO developed a Blueprint that can be used as a starting point to build smart factories that can mass produce standardized renovation packages. The Blueprint is now ready to be taken up by the market.

Who needs the Blueprint?
There are four main target groups that can benefit from the Blueprint:

  • Housing corporations and large home owners who need a sustainable housing stock by 2050.
  • Industries and suppliers who want to play a role in the energy transition and the renewing of the construction sector.
  • Investors who want to play a role in creating a new economy.
  • Local, regional and European governments who have committed to climate targets and want to play a progressive role in facilitating the renovations and by doing so reducing the CO2 emissions.