About the Blueprint

INDU-ZERO is a project that developed a Blueprint for an innovative factory that will be able to produce 15,000 renovation packages per year for half of the current price.The project, initiated by Interreg North Sea Region, ran from summer 2018 until summer 2022. Led by the Province of Overijssel (the Netherlands), 14 organizations from 6 countries bundled their knowledge to design a Blueprint that can produce sustainable net Zero renovation packages for existing houses.The standardized INDU-ZERO approach can be applied to terraced houses and apartments built between 1950 and 1985.

Two versions
In the Blueprint all the necessary information can be found as a starting point for governments, housing corporations, industry and potential investors who want to play a role in actually building the first Smart Renovation Factory. During the project all the preliminary work was done regarding the development of the logistics, the products, the production, the factory layout and the on-site assemby. The Blueprint consists of two versions: a public version with all the general information and an extended version with all the technical details.

The public version of the Blueprint 

Extended version of the Blueprint 
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This version gives additional information about for example:
- the detailes calculations of the business case
- CAD drawings
- logistical calculations
- the manufacturing process
- the on-site mounting process
and much more!
The information can be found at the end of each chapter and is highlighted in orange.