Welcome to INDU-ZERO's website. INDU-ZERO was a project co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme 2014 - 2020.

Designing a factory for energy renovations

Renovation packages towards energy neutrality are to be the solution for quick and inexpensive sustainability improvements of existing homes in the North Sea Region. 

Special renovation packages can help more than 22 million homes in the North Sea Region to quickly become energy neutral and future-proof. Fourteen organisations from six countries worked together to design a factory that can produce these renovation packages at an industrial scale. The aim was to develop a Blueprint for a fully automated factory within four years (2018-2022). In addition, sites were selected and businesses sought that will build and operate the factory.

In the Blueprint all the necessary information can be found as a starting point for actually building the smart factories. During the project all the preliminary was done regarding the development of the logistics, the products, the production, the factory layout and the on-site assembly.

Complete packages for half the price

The aim of the design is to produce standard renovation packages at an industrial scale (at least 15,000 per year). The packages will contain various components that are necessary to make homes sustainable, such as insulation material for walls and roofs, heat pumps, solar panels, energy converters and ventilation systems. The components will be put together in a way that is as circular and bio-based as possible. The aim was to be able to offer the total package of measures for half the current price. 

For this approach, a European Interreg subsidy was obtained worth over €2 million. The participating parties jointly matched this amount through compulsory co-financing. This brought the total project budget to almost €4.4 million. Organisations from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Norway and Sweden participated in the project.



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