In For Care

Sustainable Employability in Aa & Hunze

13 March 2019 - Published by Ragni Leifson
Raising awareness for working caregivers among Dutch SMEs.

Employers have a responsibility towards their employees, just as local authorities have for their citizens. All are dealing with the same people - with the same social issues.

The Municipality of Aa & Hunze (co-beneficiary of the Province of Drenthe in the In For Care project) recently organized a business breakfast to get together with a number of local entrepreneurs to discuss, connect, support and strengthen each other where possible.

While aiming to raise awareness for working caregivers, the municipality approached the subject under the umbrella of "sustainable employability". Other themes discussed during the session were poverty, debt and low literacy.

The response by local businesses was very positive and diverse. Representatives from large supermarket chains, recreational parks and holiday homes, garages, healthcare organizations and a garden centre all partook of the hearty breakfast provided by one of the supermarkets. Following introductions and exchange of experiences it was clear that, besides running a business, all participants paid suitable attention to the more human aspects of employment.

While several agreements were made about how to raise awareness amongst entrepreneurs through various platforms, the group were introduced to Caregiver Coordinator Carin de Jonge who offers support to inhabitants in the area and were informed about the In For Care project and what it aims to do within this context.

Currently a course is being designed (commissioned by the Province of Drenthe) in which small groups of employers (with 5 – 50 staff) can attend four meetings to develop concrete steps for dealing with sustainable employability in general, and the working caregiver in particular.