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Pilot and research project on sustainable employability

21 December 2017 - Published by Ragni Leifson
30 companies to participate in pilot on sustainable employability in Drenthe.

The term "sustainable employability" is used by many organisations to describe the health, personal development and continued employment of their staff.

As a result of our ageing society, old age pensions will be paid for longer yet with fewer young people to carry the costs. Moreover, it is increasingly difficult to recruit suitable staff to replace the great numbers due to retire in the coming years.

This means that the average age of employees is higher, as are the costs for both pension funds and government. From 2021 the pensionable retirement age in The Netherlands will be 67. Therefore, stimulating sustainable employability is essential if this issue is to be successfully tackled.

30 companies participate in pilot

TGO is the Department of Applied Health Research from the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) and partner in the In For Care project. From September 2017 till October 2018 TGO is going to investigate the process and the results of pilots dealing with sustainable employability, in cooperation with VPB Park Management Emmen (also an IFC partner) and the Municipality of Emmen.

Following a screening, 30 companies have been selected to participate in a short pilot. At the end of this pilot 15 will be part of a more in-depth research project. Lugus Advisory, a consultancy firm with special expertise in this field, will analyse the current situation regarding specific points at the participating companies and draw up plans for improvement. This, in turn, will be implemented by each company with the aim of extending the employability of personnel.

Sustainable employability

A baseline measurement will be taken amongst all personnel of the participating companies. The primary focus is on sustainable employability but other aspects will also be considered such as: the health and vitality of employees, combining work with caregiving and other responsibilities, training opportunities, women on the work floor and functional illiteracy.

When these pilots have been completed and the companies have implemented the resulting advice, the same employees will fill in a post survey to map the results and compare with the baseline study.

Further information will be gathered through a number of additional interviews with company representatives and the results will be shared with all In For Care partners. Publication in a Dutch magazine is also a possibility.