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“Naoberschap” in Drenthe

21 December 2017 - Published by Ragni Leifson
The Drenthe In For Care partners have recently joined forces with Naoberloket, a valuable stakeholder’s initiative in the region that focuses on informal caregiving combined with work.

The Naoberloket offers a centralized support for both entrepreneurs and employees looking for answers to work-related and personal questions regarding labour legislation, sick leave, re-integration and mobility, employee benefits, and so on. By following the latest developments closely, the organization can provide relevant information to assist entrepreneurs, with an emphasis on finding solutions.  

”We are very pleased to be able to cooperate with an organisation like Naoberloket, and work to make their expertise available to other potential partners in our region like VPB Emmen”, says Eelco Last, project leader in the Province of Drenthe.

VPB is a member organisation and co-benifiary of In For Care, representing over 300 SMEs.

In the traditional sense "naoberschap" is a Dutch word synonymous with neighbourliness or community support (particularly in the rural areas of the northern Netherlands). A modern interpretation is based on the same core values of shared responsibilities, equality and mutual trust within a network.

“On the subject of policy change and  working informal caregivers, the Naoberloket is also a  worthy ambassador for caregiver-friendly business operations”, says Last, and points to the organisations “10 reasons why we need a caregiver-friendly policy” (below).


10 Reasons why we need a caregiver-friendly policy

One of the many misconceptions is that caregiver-friendly policy costs too much time and money. However, becoming a caregiver-friendly organization doesn’t require inventing a totally new policy or making major investments. It is an extension of existing personnel procedures and themes such as Corporate Social Responsibility, good business management, sick leave and employability.

The costs involved with creating awareness for a good balance between work and private life are minimum. The main investment is time. Time for a good conversation whereby both parties are looking for solutions. Sometimes these solutions can cost money but in the long run the profits far outweigh the losses! Every organization can gain from a caregiver-friendly policy for personnel.

What’s in it for me (and you)?

  1. Increased productivity
  2. Heightened sense of loyalty and involvement
  3. Less sick leave, burn outs and long term absence
  4. Increased vitality
  5. Less ‘turnover’ in personnel
  6. Retention of knowledge and experience
  7. Less replacement costs
  8. More pleasure in work
  9. More motivated personnel
  10. Positive company image

Read more at Naoberloket (in dutch)