In For Care

Meet Erica, our new Ph.D. student

29 November 2017 - Published by Ragni Leifson
Erica Fredriksen is the newest addition to the In For Care team. She will be researching volunteers and informal carers with lead partner University of Agder.

Erica Fredriksen research focuses on volunteers and informal carers. In particular, she explores in her Ph.D. the interaction between health care professionals, volunteers and informal carers, concentrating on three research questions:

  • What are the experiences with different strategies for coordination of volunteers and informal carers in health care organisations today? What kind of success factors and barriers are there?
  • What are the needs for information exchange and communication in the current interaction between health care services and patients, volunteers, informal carers and health care professionals?
  • What kind of contenct should a collaboration tool for information exchange between volunteers and health care services contain? What kind of process changes are needed to facilitate efficient and effective collaboration?

From a workshop arranged in the autumn of 2017 at the University of Agder.

Fredriksen has arranged several workshops and co-creation sessions in the autumn of 2017. Participants included employees from a day-care facility, informal carers and volunteers, and the municipal volunteer coordinator.

"The group did good work with both scenarios we presented for them. They reflected well and had several suggestions for creative solutions. This provides us with great material for further work", Svendsen says.

37-year old Fredriksen holds a master of health informatics from the University of Agder. Her Ph.D. supervisors are In For Care team members associate professor Elin Thygesen, associate professor Santiago Martinez and professor Carl Erik Moe.