In For Care

In For Care meets for Kick-off

03 October 2017 - Published by Ragni Leifson
43 participants from six countries met up in Grimstad, Norway for the In For Care kick-off in february.

n For Care will make it easier for people to care for their loved ones and volunteer in their communities. To achieve this, ten partners from six different countries in the North Sea Region are working together.

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The goal is to stimulate the public sector to generate innovation demand and innovative solutions for improving public service delivery for informal care and voluntary assistance.

On the 7th and 8th of February 2017, all the partners along with the co-beneficiaries met up in Grimstad, Norway, for the kick-off hosted by the lead partner University of Agder (UiA).

They were met by Anders Johan Wickstrøm Andersen, dean at the Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences at UiA, and were also given a tour of the university's Centre for eHealth and Care Technology.

THE GRAND TOUR: Participants on the kick-off were given a tour of the University of Agder's Centre for eHealth and Care Technology.

The first day of the kick-off was made up of partner presentations, followed by a session with Interreg's Joint Secretariat. The six different work packages were presented and discussed on the second day.

A further schedule for In For Care's partner meetings has been set up for the project's three-year lifetime.