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Dutch Caregivers Day

08 November 2017 - Published by Ragni Leifson
Friday the 10th November officially marks the National Day for Caregivers in the Netherlands. 1 in 6 employees in the Netherlands combines their job with caregiving.

The Province of Drenthe, as one of the first certified caregiver-friendly organizations, is very aware that many of its employees are also taking care of a loved one, and that it can be an enormous strain at times.

A little bit of attention goes a long way, also on this special day. Starting a week before Dag van de mantelzorg, caregivers working for the Province could order free tickets for the film ‘Met de mantel der liefde’ – a Dutch documentary covering this theme. A ‘wish tree’ has also been placed in the central hall of the Province, offering an opportunity for all to write a wish, a few words of gratitude or a compliment for  colleagues that combine work and care.

By raising awareness for working caregivers, the potential strain on individual employees and the organization itself, the Province of Drenthe aims to create a sustainable workforce for the future.

Activities in the region

A number of activities have been planned in the region. The Werk&Mantelzorg Buzz in the city centre of Groningen on 16th November is worth mentioning. Caregivers are welcome to discuss, ask question or to come for practical advice.

Our IFC colleagues at the Municipality of Hoogeveen have also organized a full week of activities, culminating in a congress for caregivers. Central themes are relaxation/diversion and meeting others in similar situations. Furthermore, the programme for Mantelzorg-Vitaal 2018 will be presented, which encompasses an extensive and varied range of activities for caregivers, including sport, health, self-help groups and leisure.

Caregivers compliment

During the past months caregivers in the municipality of Aa en Hunze (also co-beneficiary in IFC) could apply for a ‘caregivers compliment’ to the value of €100. This bonus will be symbolically awarded to caregivers in the area on 10th November, with plenty of attention from the regional press, and on social media. Moreover, a variety of cultural activities and courses specially for caregivers will take place in the coming year.

The Municipality of Aa en Hunze, as an organization, is also highlighting the subject of caregiving within its own walls. Starting on 10th November a campaign will be initiated to raise awareness amongst employees. This includes announcing a survey on the combination of work and caregiving, a separate intranet page for caregivers and organizing workshops for working caregivers, team leaders and management.

All in all, there is plenty happening these days to highlight the situation of working caregivers in the region.