In For Care

Download our manual for service design

17 December 2019 - Published by Ragni Leifson
ZorgLab Aalst and Region Värmland have created a service design manual to introduce innovation in public service delivery.

Service design is an approach and a method that helps improve the interaction between the service provider and citizens. This manual, made by the City of Aalst and Region Värmland as part of the In For Care project, will lead you trough the practical steps of service design.

The method is iterative: The principle is to be open to making changes in the project after feedback from your users.

Service design focuses on understanding user needs before providing solutions. This "emphatize" phase might require some time. Afterwards, the challenge is reframed and defined based on your new insights from the users.

Now comes the time to search together with your stakeholders for creative solutions, by using a co-creation process. Finally, a prototype can be used in the testing phase to generate user feedback and to gain a deeper understanding of your users.

How has your solution affected the end user? Keep in mind that service design is an exploratory, adaptive and experimental approach.

The manual consists of clear steps with pictures, examples and experiences from the subprojects of In For Care in the City of Aalst and Region Värmland.