In For Care

Campaign heightens awareness of informal carers

10 April 2019 - Published by Ragni Leifson
A Swedish information campaign aims to make more people identify as informal carers – and get the help they need.

The Swedish language has a quirk: The word “anhörig” can both mean family in a general sense, and a person taking care of their loved ones. The new campaign by Region Värmland tackles this by setting up other expressions that may have double meaning for informal carers. For example, having “time off”.

“The municipalities tell us that they organize events for informal carers, but few show up. They think it is because few people identify as being an informal carer, even though they would be eligible for help”, says Jenny Bång at the County Council of Värmland.

The campaign is also meant to create broader awareness of informal care in Swedish society – and the difference between being “anhörig” and being “anhörig”. The campaign is shown on buses, hospitals and care centers, as well as in newspapers and on social media.

 The website is a place where anhöriga can get in contact with their local municipality to get assistance. The photo on top of this article is taken from the website.

“One result we hadn’t counted on is that the municipalities are really on point in these questions. Several of them are updating their social media accounts with their informal carer support”, says Bång.