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Adapting to working caregivers is good business

16 May 2019 - Published by Ragni Leifson
In For Care partners in Drenthe recently launched an awareness campaign aimed at smaller businesses.

As a result of our ageing population, one in four workers in the Netherlands is also a caregiver. The number is growing. Considering the likelihood of extreme stress and the costs of extra sick leave, caregivers form a potential risk for every business, particularly the small ones.

The awareness campaign, developed by the province of Drenthe in cooperation with business advisor Albert Nieuwenhuis, includes a short course for employers and a number of film spots. The main message is that it’s simply good business practice to anticipate more for this overburdened group and to remain adaptive.

Positive for recruiting

Profiling as a caregiver-friendly business not only improves the book balance but also the perceived image of an employer. When recruiting and keeping staff, it will be a plus if employers have a flexible attitude towards employees with caregiving tasks.

Participation in the course is free. During four sessions small groups discuss their individual challenges and experiences while the proposed solutions are later evaluated.

There are currently five groups up and running in the region. As Albert explains:

“We had a slow start but thanks to the enthusiastic support and encouragement of all the In For Care-associated partners in Drenthe we now see an increasing interest to follow this course.”

In addition, several municipalities in the area have asked for a presentation for their local business associations.

In For Care provides framework for success

Jolanda Warners, provincial policy advisor for Healthcare & Economy adds:

“Gaining attention and heightening awareness amongst SMEs for this subject has not been easy but we are very pleased with the results of this campaign to date. The In For Care project has provided us with the right framework for achieving this success.”

The impact of the course is to be evaluated in the autumn and results will be shared with the international IFC consortium.