In For Care

A quadruple helix guide for innovations

19 June 2018 - Published by Ragni Leifson
Download the In For Care guide to innovate together with SMEs, knowledge institutions, public administration and end-users.

The Quadruple Helix is an innovation and collaboration model with a citizen/end-user perspective. It is useful in an innovation process where the citizens needs are central, as for example in health care and public e-services.

You can download our quadruple helix guide for innovations here.

When creating an innovation, there is often a lack of involvement of the citizens and end-users.

Using the Quadruple Helix and involving the citizens in the development of an innovation can lead to more successful, user-oriented innovations. The end users will be more likely to accept and use the innovation. It will also have a greater social benefit at a lower cost and improve empowerment of the citizens, who will increasingly experience trust towards the innovators and become an active part of the innovation system.