In For Care


Co-creating with students in Scotland

08 May 2018

Students from Scotland, Denmark and Norway sat down for a co-creation session with the Fife Society for the blind. The results feed into further work with In For Care.

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Consultants for caregivers

04 April 2018

In a pilot project, specialized consultants in the Dutch municipality of Hoogeveen offer caregivers individual counselling, advice and emotional support.

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Caring and Sharing: Partner exchange Drenthe – Aalst

20 March 2018

On 22nd of February In For Care (IFC) partners from the province of Drenthe were joined by CMO-STAMM and a number of local stakeholders for an exchange visit to our IFC partners in Stad Aalst, Belgium…

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Exposition shows home care possibilities

06 March 2018

The City of Aalst hosted the exposition The Good Home: care in Belgium in November, showcasing technological solutions for informal carers.

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The Dutch more positive to Social Support Act, study finds

21 February 2018

A large majority reported positive experiences with the Act, intended to enable people to live at home as long as possible.

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Development of e-learning tool for volunteers

09 February 2018

To support health promotion the In for Care project is developing an e-learning tool that helps volunteers support citizens with lifestyle interventions.

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Video: Two personal stories on informal care and SMEs

09 February 2018

Rolien Brust and Jelle Dokter on how their companies provide caregiver-friendly policies.

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Towards a collaborative tool for informal care and voluntary assistance

23 January 2018

A collaboration between Scotland and Norway brings together experience from nursing, interaction design, psychology and project management.

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Sustainable Employment and working caregivers

04 January 2018

On 5th October 2017 the In For care partnership in Drenthe organized a seminar for stakeholders dealing with the theme of "sustainable employment and working caregivers"

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Pilot and research project on sustainable employability

21 December 2017

30 companies to participate in pilot on sustainable employability in Drenthe.

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