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Study: A quarter of caregivers feel overburdened

05 February 2019

A new Dutch municipal survey indicates that caregivers in the region often experience the burden of informal care to be taxing.

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Service design to combat loneliness

21 December 2018

In the city of Aalst in Belgium, formal and informal networks are connecting against loneliness among the elderly.

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Young people teach the old about digital life

13 December 2018

How does Mobile Bank ID work? And what is Swish? A new project will reduce digital exclusion in the county of Värmland, Sweden.

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Communication tool helps make conversations with informal caregivers easier

13 December 2018

The Danish partners of In for Care has learned voluntary workers and employees in the welfare sector how to use a tool to make conversations about health easier. The aim is to create more attention fr…

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Successfull conference invited all sides together

20 November 2018

The In For Care mid-term conference drew 69 participants from all parts of the quadruple helix: Academia, end-users, SMEs and the public sector. True to the project, the conference theme was informal …

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A challenge for the European community

14 November 2018

In For Care partner CMO STAMM are looking for more collaborations abroad to focus on the issues of young carers.

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An informal care café in Flanders

01 November 2018

In the city of Aalst, a travelling café lets informal carers meet others in the same situation for learning and socializing.

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Voluntary exchange in Norway

17 October 2018

35 organizations and over 100 people participated in an event focused on networking, fellowship and cooperation.

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Workshopping a new tool for volunteer managers

06 September 2018

In For Care organised a workshop with end-users of the volunteer manage system called Frida on Tuesday 4th September.

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The state of informal care and voluntary assistance in Europe

26 June 2018

Download our overview of informal care and volunteering in the North Sea Region.

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