As a consequence of an ageing population, the rising costs for (care) services and recent budget cuts, countries around the North Sea move from a care system whereby the state regulates, cares and pays to one that facilitates a civil society that is based on solidarity and community. Looking for new strategies, decision makers have directed attention to informal care and voluntary assistance.

In For Care aims to develop innovation in service delivery by optimizing informal and formal networks to address these challenges.
It will explore new cooperative ways in which the market, the public and the civil sector will provide answers to the social demands and strengthen the informal networks through new technologies.

In For Care is a project co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme 2014 - 2020.

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Latest Project News

Family carers in Värmland

26 March 2020

In Sweden, 75% of all care work is done by family carers. If this was priced in the same way as regular care, it would cost 177 billion SEK every year…

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Read our paper on informal care and volunteering assistance in Europe

17 January 2020

This paper presents an overview of informal care and volunteering assistance in countries in the North Sea region, whilst identifying bottlenecks and …

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In for Care-projects continues to give value in Denmark

18 December 2019

Because of comprehensive cooperation with stakeholders, three projects continue to give value to informal caregivers in Denmark, when In for Care ends…

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Download our manual for service design

17 December 2019

ZorgLab Aalst and Region Värmland have created a service design manual to introduce innovation in public service delivery.

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To a caring neighbourhood against loneliness

16 December 2019

In the first week of December, the city of Aalst received more than 70 healthcare professionals and other partners to its event about caring neighbour…

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