Transnational Exchange Lab #4 - online

IMMERSE is organising the fourth Transnational Estuary Exchange Lab (TEEL) on Tuesday 9th November 2021 online. The main theme of this TEEL is ecological restoration and habitat creationwith a focus on the Humber estuary. The discussion will focus on how IMMERSE measures can contribute to habitat creation, such as direct intervention as in the case of Tees River Trust, holistic realignment measures or through sediment management in three dedicated sessions:

Introductory session: 'Setting the Scene: Healthy estuaries and their societal value'

Breakout session I: 'State of Play: Ecological impacts of measures' (TBC)

-Lunch break-

Breakout session II: 'Case Studies: Experiences from the field' (TBC)

All sessions aim to provide stakeholders with relevant information regarding habitat creation and/or ecological restoration following the IMMERSE objectives; knowledge transfer and acceleration of measure implementation, whilst increasing cost-efficiency and enhancing stakeholder commitment.
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Anyone with an interest in North Sea Region estuary management is encouraged to attend. For any questions, please contact Frederick Bruce.