Reports from 2nd Transnational Estuary Exchange Labs now available!

15 December 2020 - Published by Clare Waldmann

At the 2nd IMMERSE Transnational Estuary Exchange Lab (TEEL), over 50 participants from across the North Sea Region explored questions such as:

  • How are ecological improvements and economic interests balanced through collaborations in the Eems-Dollard estuary?
  • What role do pilots play in developing sustainable sediment management strategies?
  • Given that estuaries are situated at jurisdictional and ecological boundaries, how can we achieve integrated estuary management?
Reports from the 2nd TEEL sessions, which capture the main discussion points from these questions and others, are now available on the TEEL page on IMMERSE website, along with the presentations and videos. The online event, held on 24 November 2020, was organised around three sessions:
Plans for future TEELs in 2021 will be announced shortly. To stay in touch, please follow IMMERSE via Twitter or LinkedIn, or join the North Sea Region Estuary Managers LinkedIn group.