The IMMERSE Final Conference was held in Antwerp 23-24 March 2022!

IMMERSE held its final conference on 23-24 March of 2022, in-person in the beautiful city of Antwerp, Belgium.


What was on the agenda?

  • IMMERSE philosophy and key achievements + IMMERSE exhibition of solutions
  • Keynotes: Introduction to estuarine environments + Environmental and societal challenges 
  • Panel Discussion: What is needed to ensure good estuary management - and how does policy contribute to sustainable estuaries?
  • Breakout sessions on technical subjects related to the IMMERSE pressures 
  • Site visit via a boat trip to the downstream Scheldt
  • Download the Programme here

Graphic Recording

  • Throughout the conference, Christian Ridder of Business as Visual captured the discussion in the below visualisation of the IMMERSE project, main issues and key messages.
  • Download the full-size image here.


Keynote Presentations

Breakout Session Presentations

Round 1:

1) Flooding strategies:

2) Sediments and tides:

3) Solutions for water quality:

 Round 2: 

4) Solutions for flooding

5) Supporting habitat creation:

6) Sediment quality:

Final Plenary Session

In the final plenary session, all participants came together to summarise and reflect on what was discussed in the breakout sessions, and to develop a shared statement of what has a been learned in IMMERSE. Participants were asked to submit feedback again via the Slide app. Some of the key messages were as follows:

  • Think, Learn, Share and Adapt when managing an estuary.
  • Implement strategies step by step with endless endurance
  • Think big. Start small
  • Estuarine management has to be integrated and process-based and requires the matching (long-term) monitoring.
  • Caring for estuaries involves monitoring, studying, researching, testing and preparing for future scenarios
  • Sharing knowledge between partners will lead to better solutions and future planning of estuary management.
  • Together we are stronger!
  • Learning together to manage together
  • Engage stakeholders to make them drivers of change
  • A healthy estuary benefits all!

All North Sea Region estuary stakeholders were invited to experience the IMMERSE results and find solutions for common estuarine pressures. A full report detailing discussions and conclusions from the event can be downloaded here.