Welcome to the project website of IMMERSE (Implementing Measures for Sustainable Estuaries)

IMMERSE aims to accelerate the implementation of large-scale measures that address multiple estuary management challenges, while increasing their cost-efficiency and enhancing stakeholder commitment. The 11 project partners focus on 7 estuaries in the North Sea Region, namely:

  1. Scheldt (NL/BE)
  2. Elbe (DE)
  3. Humber (UK)
  4. Isefjord/Holbaekfjord (DK)
  5. Roskildefjord (DK)
  6. Göta älv (SE)
  7. Tees (UK)

The following video provides an introduction to the project and its activities. More information about the project, its objectives, partners and activities can be found on the respective webpages.

Latest Project News

Reports from 2nd Transnational Estuary Exchange Labs now available!

15 December 2020

At the 2nd IMMERSE Transnational Estuary Exchange Lab (TEEL), over 50 participants from across the North Sea Region explored questions such as:

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New Story published about the Scheldt!

04 November 2020

In the weeks leading up to the second Transnational Estuary Exchange Lab, we have published a new Estuary Story - this time about sediment management…

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New Report on the Scheldt

15 October 2020

As part of its Stakeholder Integration Work Package, a 'System Analysis Nature Scheldt Estuary' report has been published.

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Save the Date!

10 September 2020

Transnational Estuary Exchange Lab (TEEL) on Tuesday 24 November 2020 online. The main theme of this TEEL is sed…

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