Training care professionals in Aalst

28 January 2022 - Published by Walter Wehus
18 people attended the training package “Together against loneliness” in January in the Belgian city of Aalst.

The training package “Together against loneliness” was organised by the City of Aalst in collaboration with the Primary care zone of the region of Aalst and the Regional Network for Mental Health.

The first part of the course, which was attended by 18 people, took place on the 20th of January 2022.

“They learned more about different forms of loneliness, how to detect and recognise loneliness, tips to talk about loneliness and tools to support people in loneliness”, says Elise van Opstal, coordinator of health care policies in the city of Aalst.

After the training, attendees can particpate in peer-to-peer groups. On the 17th of February the topic is the use of the tools in practice, while the topic for the 22nd of March will be how they were able to support people in taking steps toward inclusion.

With a broad group of stakeholders the Primary care zone of the region of Aalst, the Regional Network for Mental Health and the City of Aalst will organise discussion tables to define actions to work together against loneliness.