Teaching service design by video

17 September 2020 - Published by Walter Wehus
Four videos show how to approach stakeholder mapping, user profiles, interviews and observation in service design projects. The videos were produced by Region Värmland for I2I partners.

“We wanted to make it easier for all the project partners to consult the videos and the accompanying material any time that suits them, rather than just having a webinar which can raise more questions than it answers”, says Jenny Bång, the project leader of I2I in Region Värmland.

I2I, short for From Isolation to Inclusion, is a project working for more public innovation on social inclusion. The project works by bringing organisations together and co-creating solutions with the target groups.

The four videos were made by Fergus Bisset, a service designer in Region Värmland. In the videos the topics stakeholder mapping, creating user profiles, conducting interviews and observation exercises are treated thoroughly and pedagogically. All four videos are available on YouTube.

“Our hope is that by providing I2I partners with these learning materials, we can support them to take a human-centred approach to understanding social isolation and loneliness in their communities” says Bisset.

The videos and training materials were followed up with a webinar for all I2I partners where representatives from each partner participated and were able to ask questions.

“These service design training videos will also hopefully provide a great foundation for everyone on the project to share learning with each other, and work together over the next months and years to develop genuinely user-centred services in their communities", says Bisset.